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We weren’t designed to just survive in this world,

we weren't designed to just get by,

we were designed for GREATNESS!

Smart Systems Technology helps businesses to begin the built of a repeatable B2B sales opportunity generation system that results in an ongoing and predictable revenue stream – we are there at each and every step of the sales cycle, providing talent, enablement, metrics and winning mindset to improve performance as our clients progress towards greatness.


At Smart Systems Technology we want to be GREAT for our Clients, People and Partners. This takes a vision and a lot of hard work. 

We believe strongly that structure drives behavior and even the most talented people can fail within a bad structure. 

That is why we focus to select the best talent and ensure that they will make a great fit for our universe. But then unlike some businesses, we will work with you to enable you - train and enhance your skills - to position your talent for greatness. We would never let you swim on your own without support. You might be surprised and it’s true that some of our best performing specialists have never dealt with B2B appointment setting before starting with us. 

Location? Earth.

Smart Systems Technology is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania BUT our people are all over the Globe. As we are all in the cloud. 


Intelligence Center Specialist - B2B Appointment Setting

One of our spheres - the IC Sphere is currently seeking highly motivated, experienced individuals to fill a B2B appointment setting position. 

Are you comfortable on the phone? 

How are your selling skills? Will you say they are awesome?

Do you know how to communicate effectively to present your thought?

You might be a fit for an Intelligence Center Specialist! 


We believe that no one of us is as smart as all of us. That is why we highly value communication and sharing of knowledge to improve the work process. Our specialists are encouraged to be proactive and offer feedback for any situation where they happen to experience a breakdown so they can find a breakthrough. We will learn from our mistakes as well as from our success.

Being a virtual company often makes people think that each one of us works in a silo at home, but if you become part of SST team you will see a very strong virtual universe where each Spherie has a significant contribution in achieving the ultimate goal of being GREAT for our Clients, People and Partners.


"Smart Systems Technology is a company that encourages its employees to meet their full potential. The opportunity to work from home is an added bonus while still offering company outings to assure the employees develop a good rapport."


"I love SST for many reasons. First-our mission is to help small businesses grow. This is a very important mission. Our people regardless of what station they occupy within the company are dedicated and driven to make this mission happen for our clients. We have a culture of winning by design. We do not shut down ideas."


"SST allows me the confidence to express my thoughts and ideas. SST encourages me to grow as an employee and a teammate. There is help around every corner, just ask. SST also allows me the flexibility to be there when my family needs me. A work, life balance is quite a challenge these days. SST helps me gain that balance, whereas I struggled so much with previous organizations."                                                       Karen

The moment I started working for SST I became part of something bigger than Me, something bigger than my selfish interests. I became part of a living breathing organism. I don't work for a wage - I work for my Team, I work for our customers and my Team works for me. My customers help me grow and develop. 


I feel delighted to be part of the team that hand-picks the talent for our continuously growing company. If you are still reading, there’s a strong chance you are ready to start achieving your dreams. Be inspired to look around our universe and take a step toward letting Smart Systems Technology be great for you! Hit the button over there or call me at 724-409-4628 to share your dreams with me.

Meet Jeff Willet,

The Strong Force 

at Smart Systems Technology.

"More time with family - no commute."

"Save money on clothes, gasoline, lunch." 

"Investment in one's future (of all ages)."


“I always feel I am given the opportunity to succeed, SST gives you the training and tools to be successful.” Kristen


We want to be great for our people, our clients and our partners!

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