Step 5 

We can manage all of this for you end to end.

Design and then implement a High Thru-put Sales Process Engine

Step 2.  

Improve it all through reporting and customization.

Get your outside Sales People Productive ( 3-5 appts a day - everyday.)

Step 6  

Step 4  

Guide you how best to Strengthen Customer Service - Sales can promise, but if you can't deliver - Stop selling - seriously - until that is fixed.  

Create demand and shorten sales cycles with Universal Communications - Inbound traditional - sales collateral, presentations, print, as well as new media - landing pages, videos, websites

Step 3 

Step 1  

Offer you Inside Sales Support or show you how to best leverage yours (Inbound/outbound) all those things that really need to be handled via the phone and web - not manually in person

Dear CEO, we will deliver the following:


  • Reduce your wasted technology spend - CRM liscenses that are never adopted etc.

  • Reduce your wasted Social Media spend - you don't know what to do so you do this because your ad agency told you to - the only sales you are growing is theirs. 

  • Reduce your wasted Business Coaching costs.   

Win by Design with SST!

  • Reducing the size of your sales team. (Stop throwing expensive at the problem that have no one to talk to.) Increase their productivity. Less is more.

  • Increase the size of your Inside Sales Team - dedicated resources to support Outside Sales Team, and handle volume of tasks.

  • Fire your ad agency - you have no idea what you are getting anyway besides pretty pictures - we can make pretty pictures too.

You will benefit from 


Unlike many of Bob’s competitors, who are stuck with slow or stagnant sales pipeline growth, by embracing a different and more scientific approach to marketing and sales management his business grew from $4,000 and a pick-up truck to the $50,000,000 business it is today.

In June, after being weighed against the best of the best of our region’s entrepreneurs, Bob Tudi was awarded the prestigious 2015 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the Industrial Services category.

The award has been called "The Greatest Entrepreneurial Award" in the world and makes a difference by recognizing the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement.

We’ve been working with Bob and Tudi Mechanical Systems for the last 15 years by designing and continually improving a novel approach to B2B Sales Process that serves as the central service of our practice at The Cornucopia Group.


Over the last 14 and half years, I have personally worked with thousands of CEOs and business owners around the globe to share the insights of our models and conceptual frameworks for CEOs, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been learning how many different ways and philosophies there are to tackle the same challenge of Growing Your Business! None of my own success would have been possible without the belief, and drive of Bob to find a better way to make his B2B marketing and sales processes more predictable and measurable in a way that would create a formidable advantage over the competition.   

Bob was my first client.

I still remember the excitement of going to meet with him and his top team after they had attended a seminar I gave to promote the start and growth of my own firm. His clarity of vision, talent for analysis, and his will to win were immediately obvious, and he made the decision that day to fully embrace a better way to approach design of B2B complex sales operations to allow his company a balanced approach to growth, scalability and repeatability of sales. He remained unwavering in his commitment to the principles and concepts we introduced into the Re-Engineering of his Marketing and Sales operations, and he encouraged his entire organization to persist whether the change that came along with the re-alignment was comfortable or not.

<0.0006345% of all of Bob’s competitors will ever pass this mark!

To understand more deeply the Probability of Achieving this growth – look at the Revenues of his competition.

We cannot but rejoice with his achievement today and feel grateful he let us share this journey with him. I am personally very grateful for his belief in my vision for a better way to achieve massive, predictable, and scalable sales outcomes in relationship driven complex sales operations.

He has been a great example for all who meet him, and now I am sure will make many new friends as he heads off to Palm Springs for the Global Finals.


• Under $5,000,000 in Revenues – there are 176,506 competitors

• Between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 in Revenues – there are 2,291 competitors

• Between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000 in Revenues – there are 949 competitors

• Between $20,000,000 and $40,000,000 in Revenues – there are 515 competitors

• >$50,000,000 in Revenues there are – 112 competitors

Hard work doesn’t always go unnoticed.

Bob has always been a man of vision. He wanted to build a company where the HVAC technician would be seen at the same professional level as the attorney, accountant, or financial professional. His unwavering words to live by "Give more than you take." paired with his creative leadership has opened the door for transformative growth to benefit his customers, people, partners, and community.

I am inspired to share with you today the success story of Bob Tudi, a friend, a client and CEO of Tudi Mechanical Systems.


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